Holyoke and Aquarion

Aquarion Services Company is the only bidder on a 20-year, $176 million contract with the city of Holyoke, Massachusetts to build and operate the wastewater treatment facility, currently run by the city of Holyoke and by city workers. Aquarion is owned by the Kelda Group, a UK-based corporation.

The push for Aquarion has included promises of great public savings and freedom from responsiblity, backed by threats of EPA fines and promising numbers from well-paid consultants like the self-proclaimed 'Quarterback of Privatization' Mr. Jack Lyons.  The $millions$ of dollars of savings are served up to the ratepayers in the form of rate increases which will more than double current rates.

The benefits of the current public operation include local control and accountability, while the deal with Aquarion trades a public utility for the Kelda Group shareholders, whose sole demand is that Aquarion turn a profit.  The easiest way for Aquarion to do that is to cut labor costs, and the city of Holyoke loses good civil service liveable-wage jobs and the benefits of city residents who work for the city.  That relationship is destroyed when the workers transfer to Aquarion, and a century of public service jobs are erased.

The DPW has provided great service at reasonable rates since 1871.  The DPW jobs are good local union jobs, and local control and accountability is with the city.  Why sell off a slice to a corporation?.  Read these stories of water privatization struggles in Lee and Lawrence, and the privatization fiascoes in Atlanta and New Orleans, Lynn and Camden and around the world, and it is hard not to come to the conclusion that citizens need local public control of utilities like water.

Read the proposed contract with Aquarion here...
More about RH White and Malcolm Pirnie.

No rate hike until we know what we are paying for!
Continue public operation and improvements to clean up the river!
Keep city jobs in Holyoke!

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Contact your City Councilors.  Map of Holyoke Wards.
Contact Kelda and Aquarion.

Why is the US Conference of Mayors sponsored by Veolia, and why are the big private water corporations on the Mayors Urban Water Council along with Holyoke Mayor Mike Sullivan?

Mayor Sullivan's testimony in favor of water privatization on 3/13/02 before the U.S. House Subcommittee on Water Resources and the Environment, espousing the virtues of privatization and using Lynn as an example.  Did he forget the Inspector General's Report from 6/01?  Did he
remember what happened in Lynn?

Why Lee?   
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Water for Profit - CBC
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News articles
Holyoke       Public Water Supply since 1871          (History of water as a public utility in Holyoke 1....2  pdf

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Read the proposed contract with Aquarion here.
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EPA Orders Holyoke to clean up CSO's EPA 12.19.2000
Read Comments of attorney Mark Siegars and Dr. Mark Mitchell on the proposed contract.

10 Reasons to Resist Privatization (pdf)

1.Privatization Leads to Rate Increases
2.Privatization Undermines Water Quality
3.Companies Are Accountable to Shareholders, Not Consumers
4.Privatization Fosters Corruption
5.Privatization Reduces Local Control and Public Rights
6.Private Financing Costs More than Government Financing
7.Privatization Leads to Job Losses
8.Privatization is Difficult to Reverse
9.Privatization Can Leave the Poor with No Access to Clean Water
10.        Privatization Would Open the Door for Bulk Water Exports

Resources on the debate over Water Privatization

Public-public partnerships: The better alternative to privatizationl
Water Privatization: A Broken Promise ( pdf)  Case Histories from  Throughout the United States
Sierra Club on Municipal Privatization
Alliance for Democracy                    Sierra Club on water commodification
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www.waterstewards.org                     www.saveamericaswater.com
Water Privatization Fiascos (pdf)
PBS Documentary "Thirst"                 www.thirstthemovie.org
Info on water privatization in the US from the Center for Public Integrity
Study on the US water industry (pdf)
A backgrounder on United Water’s Atlanta fiasco (pdf)
What the EPA has to say...
Untapped Market  from TomPaine.com
More Resources here...

Holyoke Department of Public Works    Public mtg. minutes for DPW and Sewer Commission
William Fuqua, Superintendent
63 Canal Street  Holyoke, MA 01040  Office Hours:  8:30 a. m. to 4:30 p.m.
Telephone:413-322-5645   FAX:  413-539-6807   EMail: fuquaw@ci.holyoke.ma.us

Aquarion Water Company
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Latest News...Kelda may sell Aquarion due to 21% drop in US profits
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New HCOG pamphlet (pdf)

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